New: as of 10/23/2008

I am totally immersed in the collecting of many paper collectables, Primarily revenues, but also including stamps used to prepay for railway and steamship freight services, Poster Stamps and Baggage Labels, Christmas seals, Aerograms and postal stationary.

The site is totally under construction, so please do not get upset if it does not work correctly while it is being rebuilt!

I am adding a major section on Italian Municipal Revenues. These listings will be the largest collection of information on these elusive and fun issues available on the net. Currently these files are in PDF format and will require that you must have Adobe Reader to view. These files for the most part are printable, but that may change. . These files are quite large and will take more than a few seconds to open. I am open to your comments and or suggestions. All future updates will be dated. Prices listed in the files may not have been reviewed in years. Rarity factors for many of these stamps will be refined with time. The updating process is a slow process, so please be patient. As of today 10/23/2008 over 200 pages and 8000 listings have been uploaded!

The A section was just updated and contains 1077 listings from 94 different towns and the B section was just updated and contains 1114 listings from 73 different towns while C has over 2000 items listed.

I am trying to work out the mechanics of keeping a running total of towns covered in the listings. Be patient while I work out the bugs.

On 10/01/2008, I added Paraguay Revenue Notes. Good solid research on Paraguay general revenues 1918-1993. Anybody wishing to contribute to this listing is free to do so.

It is my intention to add more notes relating to other things of interest as time becomes available.

I collect most revenue stamps or imprints from the world along with a long list of other material, including worldwide Railway Parcel stamps not in Scott, Aerogrammes, and locals from many countries. I am especially fond of anything from Scandinavia. I am also looking for Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay revenues, if you can help, please contact me.

I would like to buy your unwanted material, just drop us a note and tell us what you have available. Drop us a note.

Wednesday, October 23, 2008