Great Britian Booklets
Unexploded - Postoffice Fresh, Scott and Gibbons numbers.
622i, Gibbons FA7 $0.75 View
623b, Gibbons FB7A $3.50 View
974a Gibbons FB31 with plate # B25 $2.50 View
974a, Gibbons FB32 $2.50 View
974a, Gibbons FB33 ,with plate # B43 $3.00 View
1073a, Gibbons FB38 ,with plate B21, B4, B30 $7.00 View
1073a, Gibbons FB42 ,with plate #B21, B4, B30 $7.00 View
1073g, Gibbons FB45a ,with plate # B43 $5.00 View
1075b, Gibbons FH9 ,with plate # B5 B26 $3.50 View
1075b, Gibbons FH10 & red counting mark, $3.75 View

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